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Miss Scarlet And The Duke

ShinAwiL are Irish producers of this Element 8 production for the A+E Networks Intl.
Miss Scarlet And The Duke follows the fortunes of Eliza Scarlet (Kate Phillips) who, after her father dies, is left penniless in a time where marriage is her only option for financial security. But the headstrong Eliza is determined to find another way and, luckily, she has an ace up her bonnet – her father’s business, a private detective agency. Eliza knows all the tricks of the trade but as a genteel 19th century lady she’s never been allowed to put them into practice. To operate in this man’s world, she needs a male partner. Step forward Detective Inspector William Wellington (Stuart Martin) of Scotland Yard, who is also known as The Duke: he’s a drinker, gambler and womaniser. Eliza and The Duke strike up a mismatched, fiery relationship with an underlying sexual tension as they team up to solve crime in the murkiest depths of 1880’s London.
Airing on PBS Masterpiece, January 2021.

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The Spectacular

ShinAwiL is providing production services in Ireland and Northern Ireland for this Dutch production from Pupkin.

 From 1988 to 1990 the borderland of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is plagued by a series of bloody attacks in the name of the IRA, the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army. A car bomb in Dusseldorf: 4 casualties. A liquidation in Oostende: two casualties. In the Dutch towns Roermond and Nieuw Bergen: two casualties.

Cees Verhagen – born and bread in the Southern Dutch province of Limburg – is on his way to the top of the police force in The Hague as an intelligence specialist after having served on board a submarine in the Dutch navy. The attacks in his home region hit him hard, as does same the mess the Secret Service and the police seem to be making. For months Cees has been pushing his chief for a specialized IRA desk in Limburg. A taskforce headed by himself could streamline the collaboration between the different countries in order to finally end these pointless acts of violence. As a man with quite a bit of influence, Cees now finally gets what he wants.

 Release on Netflix and NPO: TBA


The Cured

The Cured is a 2017 Irish horror drama film written and directed by David Freyne in his feature debut film. It stars Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, and was screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. After years of a zombie plague that ravaged Europe, humanity grapples with how to reintegrate the former zombies into society. A disease that turns people into zombies has been cured. The once-infected zombies are discriminated against by society and their own families, which causes social issues to arise. Theatrically released in 2018


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When the bound body of a young woman is found in the unfortunately named tourist spot of, erm, KILL – a place populated by diversely eccentric characters – it falls to local cop Tom Dolan and his sidekick, Officer Mary Pat Ferriter to make sense of, and then solve, a series of bizarre murders.

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep is a family crime series told from the point-of-view of a killer who has spent nearly twenty years hiding in plain sight, living a secret life as a wife, mother, and home-maker. How far will she go to protect the life she has built for herself?
In partnership with Element 8 Entertainment scheduled to shoot in 2021.



Vi Costigan, a former Merseyside Police detective is released from prison after unjustly serving time and painfully strains to reconnect with her family. When an old acquaintance and former lover is framed for murder, she investigates the crime from the opposite side of the law, competing with, and aiming to expose, the corrupt police unit who turned her life inside out. In development in partnership with Against the Grain, Lagardere Studios with support from Screen Ireland.

The Last Druid

After moving to Ireland to live with her estranged father, a teenage girl discovers the secret he’s worked hard to keep from her - that

their family is descended from the Druids, and magic is in their blood... Using her newfound powers, she transforms her three pets

into human allies, in order to fight the evil that has taken hold of her father’s village.

 In partnership with CCI Entertainment with support from the BAI and CMF.